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>> This issue is also being discussed on the Research mailing list.
>> I have three questions:
>> 1. Was this outreach method approved by RCom?
>  No, and RCom, as far as I know has not been active in the past year or
> more (last meeting was on Dec. 22, 2011). This is a research from the
> Research team in the WMF.
>> 2. Email addresses are nonpublic information on-wiki unless they are
>> proactively and publicly disclosed by users. Does the bulk collection of
>> nonpublic email addresses in this manner and the bulk provision of those
>> addresses to researchers for their use in this campaign violate the
>> Wikimedia privacy policy? The policy states regarding email, "We use your
>> email address to let you know about things that are happening with the
>> Foundation, the Wikimedia Sites, or the Wikimedia movement, such as telling
>> you important information about your account, letting you know if something
>> is changing about the Wikimedia Sites or policies, and alerting you when
>> there has been a change to an article that you have decided to follow." The
>> bulk scraping of email addresses from account registrations for research
>> and outreach purposes doesn't appear to be contemplated or authorized under
>> the privacy policy.
> Michelle can help with this one as this is related to Legal. Note that
> it's weekend here and this may have to wait until Monday.

The research team did speak to me prior to beginning this project to ensure
that they complied with the WMF privacy policy. It is my view that this
type of use falls within the permissible potential uses for email addresses
under the policy. The examples listed in the policy are meant to be
illustrative, not exclusive -- the absence of this situation as an
enumerated example shouldn't be taken as a prohibition.

That said, it is a new use and therefore, will and should be the subject of
discussion and debate. It is such feedback and testing that will help us
refine email practices to be both effective and reflective of community

> 3. Wouldn't talk pages be a more appropriate outreach method than bulk
>> email?
> The reason we chose email over talk pages (or Echo notifications) is
> explained here
> <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research_talk:Increasing_article_coverage#.C2.AB_recommander_par_courriel_des_articles_.C3.A0_cr.C3.A9er.E2.80.A6_.C2.BB>.
> Hope this helps.
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> Leila
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>> Pine
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