I think it takes a lot of guts to come to the conclusion, and publicly
admit, that the attention of the team needs to better reflect the
community's needs. From personal experience I know it wasn't easy.

This does leave me a little concerned. As a third-party MediaWiki user, a
friendly talk page interface was something I was looking forward too. The
people I support are non-technical and work like VisualEditor have greatly
impacted the contributions from folks. Flow appeared/appears to follow in
the same vein.

How does this impact having a stable release of the Flow extension for
third-party users? It's still very much a beta release (multiple extensions
pseudo-required as an example) and is labeled as such on Mediawiki.org.

This leaves us with unclear options when it comes to enabling a better
Talk: interface from the default wikitext-heavy experience of MediaWiki.

Will Flow reach a 'stable' state for third-party users? One that you would
recommend for use?

Chris Koerner

P.S. Might I suggest posting this message on the Extension:Flow talk page
as well? Third-party MediaWiki users should know what they're getting into
if they decide to adopt Flow.
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