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> > Internet-in-a-Box[3] is a a WiFI-device with "Wikipedia in 37 languages,
> a
> > library of 40,000 e-books, most of the world's open source software and
> > source code, hundreds of hours of instructional videos, and world-wide
> > mapping down to street level.”
> >
> This device sounds like a portable hotspot with an attached storage.
> I don't understand however, what device people would use to access this
> hotspot? ios, android- smartphones aren't as common in that part of the
> world yet. And you would still need electricity to charge those devices,
> all that remains is the language barrier...
> Anyway, I think we already have something better - Wikipedia Zero. It was
> designed for very similar situations. We just need some sort of a carrier
> relationship to avail free access for everyone with a phone in those
> region, I seem to recall a light text only version too that would work on
> any phone. The carriers might even be receptive to the idea, if approached
> correctly - Kul might know.
> Regards
> Theo

Interesting. Over here, the 'experts' are adjusting the image exactly the
other way around: that smartphones are much more common there than we would
expect, and that we underestimate the inventivity of people to get access
to information/the internet. Especially in the context of people being
suspicious of all those refugees being photographed with a smartphone.

I don't know what is the truth, and why this difference of understanding
exists - just adding to the noise here.

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