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Hi folks,

Just letting you know that I’m reading the recent Wikimania-focused mailing
list threads with interest, as the Community Resources team is now on-point
for funding and coordinating WMF’s involvement in Wikimania.

A couple of first thoughts to share:

1. WMF has learned from past Wikimanias that we need to do our
due-diligence on venue etc before the host team and location is announced.
One reason for this is that we have a limited budget for Wikimania, and
doing a site visit before the host is finalized helps us ensure that we’re
able to support the costs of the event in a given location. Ellie Young is
headed to Montreal in 2 weeks and based on what she learns from that visit,
we’re aiming to give the steering committee what they need to confirm
selection before the end of 2015.

Seriously? But the committee seems to have already taken a decision as early as August, with the e-announcement mail scheduled to be sent sometime in October


   /Wikimania Committee meeting/

   2015-08-21, 16:00 UTC / 09:00 PDT
   DECISION: Committee happy to endorse Montréal as a great choice for
   2017. /


   /Venue//////: wikimedia-l, wikimania-l/

   /Audience////: Prospective Wikimania attendees, and other interested

   /What//////: Announce 2017 venue/

   /When//////: ~ October 2015/

   /From//////: James F. as Chair, o/b/o the Wikimania Committee/

   /Subject////: //Wikimania 2017 to be held in Montréal in Canada/


   /I am delighted to announce on behalf of the Wikimania Committee
   that Wikimania, the annual Wikimedia community conference, will be
   held for 2017 in Montréal in Canada; congratulations. /

That said, we recognize that
communications around this haven’t gone as planned,

Sort of.
  and we are looking into
improvements…(see thought 2)

2. We, too, would like to see the movement building towards a shared vision
of Wikimania! It is great to see so many people, in true Wikimedian-style,
thinking about big-picture questions of participation, representation, and
content at Wikimania. Knowing that mailing list discussions have their
limits, here’s how my team is thinking about collecting feedback more
systematically for this going forward:

We’ll be launching a community consultation in November to help build
towards more shared vision and process improvements for Wikimania 2018 -
2021. Two key inputs we’ve been thinking about using to launch that
conversation are 1) responses from the survey of last Wikimania’s attendees
and 2) the steering committee’s recommendation for host selection going

We’re still regrouping from the latest Resources Consultation, and will
begin planning for a Wikimania Consultation next week, so after that we’ll
be able to share more information about what this consultation will look
like and the exact timeline. Meanwhile, suggestions and open questions that
you’d like to see resolved via this consultation are most welcome in this
thread. My hope is that a consultation will help broaden participation in
these conversations and get us from input to action.
The problem here is that even if the reasoning for deciding behind closed doors the host for Wikimania 2017 was 100% valid, the way it was done, planning everything as early as August and planning when to release information to the people to make it seem transparent (as the WMF expects from all wikimedians), the way how it was handled lacked ethics and the way the WMF seems to react ("yeah well, we think we screwed it, let's move forward") happens again and again, and the movement receives always the same poor excuses.

Warm regards,

"*Jülüjain wane mmakat* ein kapülain tü alijunakalirua jee wayuukanairua junain ekerolaa alümüin supüshuwayale etijaanaka. Ayatashi waya junain."
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