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> Any way one tries to obtain a representative sample of something, it's
> never going to be totally representative. We are a massive, massive
> community, and I'm really not sure direct democracy works in this instance.
> This isn't a problem with Wikimania selection but rather with politics.
> What would be best: A group of users selecting locations for an annual
> conference, a jury that is voted in, or just putting the conference
> locations up for a general vote among the community? I for one would rather
> a small collection of people who have experience with Wikimania, and what
> makes for a good conference, make the final call—elected or otherwise.

​thats what we had people suggested places and put together a proposal as
to why their location.  A jury was selected, the bids where then discussed
and further developed in depth at the end the jury chose the best
available​. It took from September to December for the public process,
those who really wanted the event spent time preparing for the process.

> I feel this conversation is getting somewhat tangled at this point.
> Joe
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