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Let's face some truths here:
    5. Dear Wikimania Committee: Your communication of thi
    s whole thing
    , big time.
    Consider yourself scolded. Move on.


Well, yes Pavel, of course "we" are going to move on. It's the old
overused mantra of every time there is a blunder "it's in the past
community, move along now". The problem is we should be able to also
*see* measurable non-subjective changes and improvement to the way
things are done, increasing transparency and putting the volunteer at
the center of decision making, even if resources and most of the work
are paid positions.

I really liked the early reply and effective apology by Florence:

But I found the response by the current Chair of the committee
unconvincing. The attempt to change thread title and move to a far
less subscribed email group, shows how the strategy is a quick
political "nothing to see here" rather than leadership that shows
active learning and openness:


It would be super if Florence would consider temporarily taking over as
Chair, or starting a public process to ensure some new faces in the
next few months, including a change of the Chairman. This would show
the Committee recognizes this was a real serious failure which should
see proportionate changes of roles on the Committee. If everything
stays exactly the same for the next six months, then this would show
the Committee is more interested in protecting itself, than ensuring
that the unpaid volunteer and community consensus is central to the
way this process *should* be seen to work, and in line with the
original mandate for the Committee itself.


I appreciate the thought Fae. But I must face my own limitations :)
I already struggle to keep up with my current commitments. It would not be wise and fair to anyone interested and/or impacted in that process to do that.

However, I do recognize that the lack of responsiveness of the Chair is an issue. I will bring this to the table at next meeting. It may also be that new faces be necessary. Since there will be an open discussion on Wikimania in a few weeks, I suggest that this point be raised and that any interested volunteer... raises his/her hand (that person should be a seasoned wikimedian and should not be a newbie with regards to Wikimania please).


P.S. were I the current Chair, I think I would publicly apologise to
Montreal before stepping down. The way this has been stitched up
behind closed doors is probably an very unfair way for their hosting
of Wikimania to be seen to start off. Most unfortunate.


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