Yes, I also thought that was interesting. To invert the presentation of the
statistics, 33% of users did mind the banners and 45% were irritated by
them. These are actually quite high numbers in my view.

(Not to say that the decision to proceed with these banners is wrong, which
is a much more complicated topic, and full credit to the fundraising team
for firstly conducting and secondly publishing this research).

On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 6:39 PM, Chris Koerner <> wrote:

> In light of this recent conversation I found this quote to be of interest.
> "Wikipedia readers tend not to be bothered by the fundraising messages they
> see on Wikipedia. Two-thirds (67%) say they don’t mind them, and a majority
> (55%) say they are not annoyed by these messages. Roughly equal shares of
> readers do (44%) and don’t (41%) pay attention to these messages, according
> to their self-reports."
> From
> I'm merely presenting for reference.
> Yours,
> Chris Koerner
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