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> Patricio,
> Thanks. Could you explain to us the scope of "board confidentiality", and
> how and where it is defined for both current and former members?
> Best,
> Andreas

Anyone who has had trustee training can answer this. No trustee of any
charity/NGO is under a legally binding confidentiality agreement, for
good ethical reasons. Trustees *must* be free to blow the whistle for
the long term good of the organization without fear of petty civil
proceedings to shut them up. Trustees can *choose* to resolve any
issues whether personal or organizational behind closed doors, but
they are always free to act in a way that follows their ethics, even
though in practice this often means they will resign from the board at
the same time.

Jimmy Wales has seen fit to express his personal views about James in
public in a transparent and honest way; and James and the remaining
trustees are free to do exactly the same thing. There's no "Jimmy
clause" that our movement agreed to.

If James can be bothered to run again for election back on the WMF
board of trustees, he'll be getting my vote. As far as I can make out,
being kicked off the board for woolly, secretive or short-term
political reasons this time around is no bar to re-running.

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