The sky isnt falling <> yes it
wasnt optimally handled and yes it caught the community by surprise but
lets be careful here. We cant sit back and enjoy the holiday season while
expecting everyone else to be dropping everything and running into to the
office to write a full explanation while threaten to bring the the
projects(their livelyhoods) crashing down around their ears.

Lets just take a collective breath and wait until people start returning
next week to sort out the mess created, let them provide better information
and move forward  better informed

On 2 January 2016 at 17:44, Yaroslav M. Blanter <> wrote:

> On 2016-01-02 09:37, Peter Southwood wrote:
>> Just as you say.
>> No threat to WMF if they don’t care about retaining the editing community.
>> If all else fails thy could just sell advertising
>> Cheers,
>> Peter
> This is an interesting theoretical discussion, and I criticized WMF in the
> past on a number of occasions, but I feel necessary to emphasize that there
> is not a slightest indication at this time that they do not care about
> retaining the community. At most, we have indications that they did not
> handle some issues in sub-optimal way. The probability that Wikipedia and
> sister projects will collapse in say ten years because some novel technical
> means become available and we do not manage to respond properly is in my
> opinion a billion times higher than that we will collapse because BoT or
> WMF staff function sub-optimally in their daily communications with the
> community. Let us discuss real things and not what happens if Martians come
> to enslave us.
> Cheers
> Yaroslav
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