Den 2016-01-02 kl. 10:44, skrev Yaroslav M. Blanter:

This is an interesting theoretical discussion, and I criticized WMF in the past on a number of occasions, but I feel necessary to emphasize that there is not a slightest indication at this time that they do not care about retaining the community. At most, we have indications that they did not handle some issues in sub-optimal way. The probability that Wikipedia and sister projects will collapse in say ten years because some novel technical means become available and we do not manage to respond properly is in my opinion a billion times higher than that we will collapse because BoT or WMF staff function sub-optimally in their daily communications with the community. Let us discuss real things and not what happens if Martians come to enslave us.


I agree and I also think we should not over dramatize that someone is at odds with a group and leave the group (by resignation or by forced leaving).

I have myself been part of numerous groups in my life, probably several hundreds, and have left in being at odds with the group/employer almost a dozen times. A very few times by being sacked or ousted and mostly with me resigning, but then feeling I have had very sound reasons for taking my position making me becoming at odds with the rest.

But in no case after the resignation has been a fact, have I continued to dwell publicly over it. A fact is a fact and it is better to go on with life for all parties (and it is enough my loyal wife has had to hear "my side of it") .

In this case I know first hand a majority of the Board and I know them to be true to the values and belief of the movement, and as individuals being caring, and the opposite to my most hated disliked personality, power hungry persons without empathy.


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