The removal of a community elected member whiteout a community consultation is 
a scandal. I can see nothing which justifies a immediately removal (such as 
unlawful behavior). A scandal.

That James was replaced with Geshuri, who was involved in a scandal is yet a 
other scandal.

IMHO Geshuri schould be removed from the Board ASAP (if it is true what was 
wrote about him on media - even in non english media) to restore the trust of 
the community.

If the Board is ignoring Community voice, then we have to start a formal 
procedure (RFC, Open letter) to remove Mr. Geshuri. Or to start a re-election.

I am highly disappointed . Trust is broken. :-(

With best regards,

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> Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2016 12:12:34 +0100
> Subject: Re: [Wikimedia-l] WMF trustee Arnnon Geshuri and part in 
> anticompetitive agreements in Google
> Very good point Chris.
> I also think it would be good  to remember that WMF transformation from 
> the "Superprotect disaster" to a very much appreciated 2015 Community 
> Wishlist Survey. To go from an "inside-out" to an "outside-in" model in 
> deciding what functionality to develop is a revolution. And even if we 
> as users all applaud this change, we should also respect it can be felt 
> tough to adjust to if you are "inside"
> I give Lila 100% credit for this change and thank the Board for 
> supporting this change (and also to have recruited Lila with this as 
> main purpose)
> Anders
> Den 2016-01-09 kl. 10:06, skrev Chris Keating:
> >> I suspect they need a few days, based on past experiences. To dig into the
> >> matter, and prepare an answer
> > Quite, and thanks for saying that Lodewijk.
> >
> > In my view, the WMF board's top priority has to be the issues about
> > strategy, leadership and staff morale that are being made public now. It is
> > in everyone's interests that these issues get sorted out and some key parts
> > of the solution have to happen in private.
> >
> > I am sure that the Board have invested a huge amount of time and energy in
> > these issues already. Unless you have been on the board of an organisation
> > that's gone through a serious problem it's difficult to appreciate the
> > pressure this creates. I have, and I would urge everyone to take a deep
> > breath and  think before emailing. It's worth repeating that Board members
> > are all volunteers with jobs and families and what's more are trying to
> > coordinate between three different continents.
> >
> > In particular hundred-email threads on this list where everyone speculates
> > and demands answers to their particular questions  (and some people
> > downright stir the shit) are less than helpful - a board member who spends
> > 5 hours a week on WMF business could easily spend that just reading all the
> > emails....
> >
> > Dariusz has said the Board is looking into the situation with Arnnon, which
> > they were clearly not aware of - that is what needs to happen and yet more
> > emails on this list won't mean that happens any more quickly.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Chris Keating
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