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>   We are well overdue for a major turnover of board members.
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While I have largely kept out of this thread to this time, this statement
needs to be rebutted.  There are ten seats on the board.  Five of them -
all three "community-selected" seats and two of the four board-appointed
seats - have changed hands in the last six months.  An additional
board-selected seat changed hands not long before Wikimania last year (Guy
Kawasaki).  That means six of the 10 board members have less than a year's
experience in the role.  (One of those has now been removed, but that still
means half the board has very limited experience.)

Of the remaining seats, two are "Chapter/Thorg-selected" seats that will be
contested in the near future. Historically, only one of the incumbents of
those seats have been reseated, and I make no predictions for this year.
Jimmy Wales is assumed to still hold the Founder seat, and the fourth
board-appointed seat is held by longtime community member Alice Weigand.

We do not know how the board will decide to fill the recently vacated
"community-selected" seat - the options appear to be narrowed to appointing
the fourth-place candidate from the last election (which would bring an
experienced board member back to the table) or an election, which could
also bring a completely new trustee.

At minimum, we already have five board members who weren't board members
this time last year.  By the end of their Wikimania board meeting, we could
have as many as eight trustees with less than 18 months of experience under
their belt.  Of all the problems the board has, insufficient turnover is
NOT one of them.

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