Dear Patricio Lorente,

My open letter to the board was six days ago. Could you please take
the following three actions?

1. Acknowledge my open letter sent to you and the board and its
request. This is a courtesy I would expect of the WMF board chair that
needs no discussion or trustee decision making, and is expected within
a day or two, not a week or more.

2. A week has past, so there can be no doubt that you have set a
timetable for talking with Geshuri and for the board of trustees to
make a joint decision as to whether he is fit to remain a trustee.
Please make your timetable public, so that the community is reassured
that formal communications such as this letter to the board are not a
waste of time, and that the WMF chair is not only aware of community
concerns but is taking these questions seriously.

3. Please publish the work-flow of when and how the nomination for
Geshuri came to the board, and make that information public rather
than leaving it to speculation and pundits. Trustee appointments are a
key part of your governance responsibilities and are so fundamental to
confidence in the WMF there is no excuse to keep basic details a
secret. This should include who recommended Geshuri to the board,
there can be no reasons of confidentiality that apply apart from the
personal embarrassment that may arise from poor judgement, and is of
clear public interest if a trustee or past trustee made the

I look forward to seeing you personally take open and transparent
action rather than only acting in secret or through others with
plausible deniability.

Yours sincerely,

On 7 January 2016 at 10:38, Fæ <> wrote:
> Dear Patricio Lorente,
> I request that the WMF board take immediate action to publish a
> comprehensive account of why you appointed Geshuri as a trustee,
> despite his direct involvement and being named as a defendant in the
> on-going scandal of anticompetitive agreements at Google, or that
> Geshuri chooses to step down from his new position of trust.
> This is being separated out as an open letter to the board in a new
> discussion thread, to avoid getting confused with other issues. In the
> light of recent challenges to the WMF with regard to a dramatic loss
> of confidence in their senior management and the politicking behind
> the loss of James Heilman as a trustee openly advocating for
> transparency to the actions of the WMF board, Geshuri's background
> with anticompetitive practices can only damage confidence in the WMF
> board with regard to their duty to hold WMF senior management to
> account and acting with the highest possible accountability and public
> transparency.
> Links showing Geshuri's public footprint on this issue:
> 1. 
> 2. 
> 3. 
> 4. 
> Yours sincerely,
> Fae
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> Interesting to note Arnnon's role in the Silicon Valley anti-poaching
> affair: 
> - Andrew
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