Patricio, et al

Are we any closer to having public comments from the BoT on how the Arrnon
debacle was able to occur?

I am especially interested in how Boryana fits in with this. Given
Boryana's shared history t Telsa with Arnnon, she would surely have known
about Arnnon's past at Google, but it would appear this past was never
mentioned in the presentation to the board by her. At best this could be
seen as an attempt to secure "jobs for the boys"; at worst it can be seen
as incompetence on the part of Boryana.

On 11 January, Lila Tretikov posted to this very list,[1] and stated:

"I would like to thank everyone involved in this search, especially Amy
Elder and Boryana , who managed the recruiting process through a new, open

When was this "new, open approach" to recruitment introduced? It certainly
was not prior to the appoinment of Arnnon to the Board, otherwise we
wouldn't be where we are at now. And what is this "new, open approach"?

Unfortunately for Lila, she has now publicly backed her HR team, and as she
would certainly have been involved in the recruitment of Boryana, this
reflects poorly on her as well. Lila already has enough issues to deal
with, as they relate to her tenure as WMF ED, particularly if Gayle Young
is to be believed (there is nothing to suggest she shouldn't!)[2]

I look forward to a response Patricio, rather than the sound of crickets
that the community has come to expect from the WMF, the BoT and yourself
over the last month.

Warm regards,

Ruslan Takayev


On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 4:52 AM, Patricio Lorente <> wrote:

> Dear All,
> Throughout the discussion about the appointment of Arnnon Geshuri to the
> Board of Trustees, the Board has carefully listened to you and discussed
> internally. Earlier today, Arnnon decided to step down from the Board. To
> paraphrase his words, he doesn't want to be a distraction for the important
> discussions that the community and the Foundation need to face in the times
> to come. We want to thank Arnnon for his ongoing commitment and for helping
> us to move forward.
> The Board Governance Committee is working to improve and update our
> selection processes before we fill the vacancy left by Arnnon’s departure.
> We are sorry for the distress and confusion this has caused to some in our
> community, and also to Arnnon.
> Patricio and Alice
> ----
> Patricio Lorente
> Chair, Board of Trustees
> Alice Wiegand
> Vice Chair, Board of Trustees
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