Luis, I am very sorry to see you depart, and not only because I accept
the blame for the introduction. :-) Thanks for everything you brought
to WMF; I look forward to our continued path-crossing in the future.


On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 12:31 PM, Luis Villa <> wrote:
> Hi, all-
> This is a bittersweet email to send. I still, and will always, love this
> place and this movement, but it was also time for me to go.
> Working with so many awesome Wikimedians (including WMF's staff) has been
> an honor and a privilege, and has given me many great experiences,
> memories, and a long watchlist ;) that I'll treasure for a long time. The
> list of people who I'd like to thank is long, so I won't bore everyone with
> it. However, I do want to particularly thank Kat, who introduced me to
> Geoff during his first week with WMF. That was ultimately the opportunity
> that led me to this incredible ride - so I quite literally owe it all to
> her. Many, many other people have been welcoming and friendly along the
> way, and I can't ask formore than that.
> I'm not going too far! I'll continue to be around the movement, both as a
> contributor, and to support Maggie and the rest of the department during
> the transition. I look forward to seeing where Community Engagement goes
> next - I believe the department will continue to support contributors in a
> healthy way, and I'm sure Maggie and my long-term successor will continue
> to build exciting things on the foundation we laid over the past year.
> Professionally, I have no firm plans yet. I plan to to take a few deep
> breaths and then explore some new opportunities in the legal, community,
> and tech spaces, as well as becoming a parent in May.
> If you want to be in touch (to talk about interesting opportunities, flame
> me for old time's sake, or just chat) I'm pretty easy to find:,
> @tieguy on Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course on my enwiki talk page.
> See you on the wikis-
> Luis
> On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 12:16 PM, Lila Tretikov <> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I am sad to let you know that Luis Villa, our lead for the Community
>> Engagement department, will be leaving the Wikimedia Foundation. A year
>> ago, Luis took on a big challenge, transitioning from the Legal Department
>> to lead the newly created  Community Engagement organization. In that role,
>> Luis and our teams were tasked with many recent community initiatives, such
>> as the creation of the Community Tech team, gender-related and
>> anti-harassment programs, and improved alignment of WMF annual planning
>> with the Funds Dissemination Committee. Prior to that, as Deputy General
>> Counsel he was responsible for a number of legal initiatives, including
>> licensing, contracts, and product counseling. I’m grateful for his counsel,
>> and his leadership in the WMF movement throughout these years.
>> Later this month, Luis will transition out of his current position with the
>> Wikimedia Foundation to pursue other opportunities. He will remain in a
>> consulting role with the Foundation over the next few months, continuing to
>> support our ongoing strategy and annual planning processes.
>> I want to thank Luis for his commitment to the WMF mission, and for the
>> inspired energy and contributions he has brought to our movement. I’m
>> looking forward to his future accomplishments and staying in close touch as
>> he grows in his career.
>> Maggie Dennis will step in as the interim director for the CE team
>> effective immediately. Her deep community background, passion for our
>> mission, and outstanding teamwork are great assets in this transition. She
>> will also continue to serve as Director of Support and Safety. Maggie is a
>> respected leader, colleague, and community member. I am confident she will
>> bring critical insights, especially now as we plan for our next year.
>> The work of of the CE department will continue as planned, and the overall
>> structure of the department (including the Community Tech team, which will
>> continue to report into the Product organization) will stay on-course. Our
>> goal is to ensure a smooth transition as we continue our progress to
>> improve the WMF support for our communities.
>> It is my priority that the WMF continues to build upon the initiatives we
>> started in 2015 in support for the global Wikimedia community. Continued
>> leadership of the Community Engagement department at executive level in the
>> WMF is a part of delivering on those commitments. We will be looking to
>> fill the Community Engagement leadership role with someone with a strong
>> background in community programs, and an understanding of the Wikimedia
>> movement. We will also look to engage with you to find the right person for
>> this role. We will send an update on the next steps and the job description
>> shortly, which will include a further discussion of the role on-wiki.
>> Lila
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