Dear friends,

Dear friends of open and free knowledge,

Let us raise the bar,
To the level of positive and constructive,
Don't bite the newcomers,
Assume good faith.

Keep a good balance,
Between work and life,
Don't do overtime without prior authorization,
Enjoy your weekend.

Meet friends and family,
Engage in meaningful discourse,
Go on a hike,  walking or biking,
Enjoy fresh air.

Find a mentor and a coach,
If you don't have one,
Start journaling for a daily
Reflection on accomplishment,
And to record your gratitude.

Be nice to your boss,
The next one maybe worse.

Acknowledge that we live,
In a complex and confusing world,
Rapidly changing both within,
And outside the Wikimedia movement.

From my perspective I do not,
Question the ability of the BoT,
To rubberstamp decisions based  on,
Recommendations by the FDC.

Join the pilot or experiment at,
Https:// ,
And set your preferences for
Categories to watch or unwatch,
And mute whatever you like.

There are so many positions unfillled,
That I don't recommend to open more,
Before I have asked suggestions,
From each of you for who would be:

A great CTO at the Wikipedia Foundation A great leader of Community
Or someone to fill the BoT seat,
Vacated by Arnnon Geshuri.

Have a nice weekend,

Ad Huikeshoven
Op 19 feb. 2016 22:11 schreef "Sam Klein" <>:

> Dear Siko,
> I was trying to phrase something like this, but you beat me to it.  This
> discussion gives me hope.
> Siko writes:
> > Ido, Ori, Sydney, Shani, Ben, Delphine, Gayle, thank you for your
> boldness
> > and wisdom in this thread. I know how rarely some of us speak on this
> list,
> > and I appreciate you raising your voices here, now. I need to believe
> that
> > the power of the collective leadership that so many volunteers and staff
> > are showing here will ultimately be strong enough to ensure that the
> > Wikimedia Foundation has the leadership that its mission deserves.
> Thank you to Ori, Dan, Brion, and other staff for sharing your thoughts
> over the past days, and dispelling some of the mystery and uncertainty.
> To the board, please engage.  We are in this together, and depend on one
> another.  Have an honest conversation with the staff and community about
> the immediate problems, let us find a way forward.  Dariusz, don't fall
> silent – we need your perspective.
> Delphine writes:
> >   <epic snip>
> > We freaking built an encyclopedia, of course we can take care of it
> without
> > having to fear everyone and their brother! And while an organisation is
> not
> > a wiki, and revert not always an option, I'm pretty sure that
> More to be said here, but first: I hope you will finish this thought.
> Sam
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