On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 12:49 AM, Denny Vrandecic
<dvrande...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Whereas I do not agree with everything you say (but I think those are
> discussions for another time), I wholeheartedly agree with your insight
> that the Board as a whole is dumber than its member on average. Thank you
> for putting this down to words. I would even say, dumber than any of its
> members (including myself, who probably ranks at the bottom).
> ...

Denny, are you ready? Take a deep breath! Relax. It won't hurt :P

Do something!

You know you didn't say anything in your email. It looks like your own
mantra, the product of your need to say something, while struggling
with anxiety caused by thoughts about possible reactions on your
email. But I'll stop criticizing here.

What I see as maybe not that visible change to others, but definitely
a strong sign that something positively has changed inside of the
Board is your willingness to actually think outside of the usual
tropes. That's especially thank to Dariusz and you. Dariusz is doing
something we expected from Sj in the previous life and, yes, your
mantras are honest and I am sure I am not the only one who noted it.
They are expressing your and other Board members' fears, confusion,
lack of understanding the historical significance of your positions,
but also your good will. That's brave, and that's the *change*,
paradigm change.

After you reset the culture of denial, you should now start thinking
how to boot the system again. Forget everything previous, forget the
common excuses for avoiding responsibility.

Stop crying that you are not the movement leaders. You are. You can
like or not that fact, but there is no other person or body in
such position. If your vision is to be just the Board of the Bay Area
NPO, feel free to do that, but just after you make the environment
which would relieve you from the position of the movement leaders.

Now, please get out of your cocoons! And do something! We need you here.


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