Delphine, this was possibly the strongest email of the last four months or
so of this mind-numbing nonsense.

The Board. I never really understood it. I did feel that it's supposed to
lead the editors and the staff in _some_ way, but, being both a staff
member and a volunteer editor, I never felt that it _actually_ does. Even
though quite a lot of the Board members are totally wonderful people,
wonderful Wikimedians and _my personal friends_, they never felt as
Wikimedia's leaders. And I'd think that they should be.

Leader worship of the kind that is common in USSR, DPRK, or the Linux
kernel, was NEVER my cup of tea, but _some_ (SOME!!!) kind of leadership
would be nice. It feels like a pregnant void at the moment.

Please, somebody, make it stop. Let's go back to improving the
encyclopedia, or something.
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