I agree having all board members engage with the community in their own
voice is likely the best way forwards. All of us will take your statements
as representing whatever fraction of the board you are unless you state
otherwise. There is nothing wrong with a board that disagrees with each
other, all I request is that you do not pretend their is "consensus" were
their isn't one. We as a community disagree all the time. We however are
still able to work together transparently and get a lot done.

One of the roles of the board is to determine "WMF's long term strategy"
I tried to get a discussion going on our internal board wiki. I also hoped
to bring the wider community and staff into that discussion so that we
could have some shared decision making around where we want to go. This is
how one gets buy in and is key in a volunteer movement. We have some
amazingly smart people both as staff and as community members. Long term
strategy should not be determined by the ED and a couple of board members.

Would be good to see the board leading a collaborative discussion of
James Heilman
MD, CCFP-EM, Wikipedian

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