On 2016-02-26 21:20, Pete Forsyth wrote:

Now that Wikimedia's Executive Director is leaving, a central point of
contention has been resolved. But as many have said, the "real work" of
getting back on track comes next. I have been thinking about what the next specific steps should be, and I have some suggestions here. I present these points very directly, in order to be concise and in the hopes of hearing the perspectives of others. In other words -- I think this is a good list, but I'm open to persuasion -- as I think we all are in this community. I
look forward to hearing from others who take a broad view of where this
movement and organization are, and where we need to go. And of course, much
of what I say below is inspired by previous messages from people like
Brion, Delphine, Asaf, Milos, etc. Anyhow, on to some specifics suggestions:

Hi Pete,

thanks for excellent suggestions, which hopefully will give us all food for thought.

I was searching your mail for the keyword "transparency" and did not find a single usage. I think this is an important point, which should possibly be considered as #6. Many of our troubles from the last year arose because people have acted untransparently. Whereas it is clear that some issues are privacy sensitive, and full disclosure would not be possible, we should agree that for every important decision it should be clear who made it, what was the motivation, and preferably important stkeholders (including the community) should have been contacted before the decision has been made, not after that.


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