The quest to bring maps to Wikipedia continues:
* Kartographer has launched for WikiVoyage
* Julien Girault will help maps with his UI expertise
* Talk to us at the FreeNode IRC channel #wikipedia-interactive

Last week we enabled Kartographer extension for Wikivoyage sites, allowing
users to add maps to wiki pages without any additional wmflabs and
JavaScript tricks.  Now you can simply add a <mapframe> or <maplink> to a
wiki page, or even use the Visual Editor to insert a map. Additionally, you

* add markers and polygons visually
* edit geojson and see how it changes the map on each keystroke
* add auto-numbered markers (either numbers or letters), and have multiple
* have multiple "groups" of markers/polygons and showing them on the same
map or on separate maps (e.g. all food and all drink maps and one combined
* markers can be of any color, 3 sizes, and contain many different icons
* markers and polygons can be clicked and will show popups with wiki text
and images
* very fast full screen popup map

Bugs & TODOs:
All maps-related tasks:

== What's next? ==
There will be plenty of cleanup and polishing work to make Kartographer
work seamlessly. We will need to address the missing functionality reported
to us by the community, and help migrate existing wmflabs-based maps to the
new platform. Lastly, VE editing will need some more work to become

Yet, our site is still set on the bigger target - maps for all of
Wikipedia. For that we are waiting for more hardware, plus we will need to
improve our static maps service to be able to handle wiki-load.

Hardware task:

Thank you Max Semenik, Ed Sanders, Alex Kosiaris, Brandon Black, Chris
Koerner, Chris Steipp, Tomasz Finc, and Wes Moran for making this possible.
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