On 3/22/16 12:15 AM, James Salsman wrote:
> Is there a list of equipment that WMF uses without viable FLOSS
> alternatives, please?

Since the context here is t-shirts, I think we can understand Coren's
remarks in a very broad context, and so of course he's right.  We might
choose to only do business with t-shirt manufacturers who use open
source software, but it is not clear that we'd find any.

I have always been a strong advocate of looking for FLOSS solutions for
as many things as we can.  This is particularly true for things that
directly impact the freedom of the website(s).  (I'd strongly oppose
running Wikipedia on a proprietary database platform, for example.)

And I like favoring vendors who are FLOSS-friendly, even if they are
t-shirt partners.  It sounds like Shopify are ok in the regard (I
haven't personally checked).

But there are many many vendors we need to work with where it will be
completely impractical to demand FLOSS purity.  The lawyers who are
suing the NSA?  Our auditors?  The venues for Wikimania?

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