I noticed Michelle Paulson editing the "Cookie Statement" page, and it seemed 
kind of strange to me because I thought it more a technical and IT thing to 
edit. But Michelle is WMF Legal, right?

Is WMF doing something new (or newish, maybe I'm a little late in picking up on 
this) with cookies? Can someone describe to me what that is, in layman's terms?

Is it about third-party marketing and working up personal profiles of editors 
and readers? What sort of new information is the WMF gathering, if it is, on 
editors and readers?

Are there privacy concerns we should be worried about?

Will the information gathered by the cookies be made available to the anonymous 
administrative "volunteers" the WMF grants access to the non-public information 
of editors? The so-called "sockpuppet investigators" and so forth?


Trillium Corsage 

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