I second everything said below. Yann

2016-05-08 5:20 GMT+02:00 Todd Allen <toddmal...@gmail.com>:

> Denny,
> I appreciate that you've put forth this account. That's in no way facetious
> or just a pretext, I am actually very glad to see someone speak to this.
> I'd like, however, to suggest what would actually begin the process of
> healing, since that's your intent. Most of us knew at least more or less
> what James was accused of.
> First, James needs to be restored to the Board, or at very least, his
> restoration needs to be passed as a referendum to the community. Since
> you've now posted your side, there's no reason that the community, rather
> than the Board, shouldn't decide on James' trusteeship. That needs to
> happen now, not at the next election, and it should have happened to start
> with.
> Second, the Board needs to resolve never to remove a community trustee
> except by a successful recall referendum to the community. The Board should
> never, under any circumstances, remove a community trustee without consent
> of the community that elected them. That was unacceptable and must never
> happen again. There will be no "healing" without a promise that it will
> not.
> Third, the "founder" seat needs to be eliminated. Jimmy would be, of
> course, eligible to run for a community seat or be appointed to an expert
> seat, but he shouldn't be a "member for life". Alternatively, the "founder"
> seat could be made into an advisory, non-voting position.
> And finally, while this part is optional, it wouldn't hurt for the Board to
> increase the number of community elected ( and not "recommended", elected)
> seats to a majority. While there's room for "expert" appointed seats and
> chapter selected seats (and no, chapter selected seats are NOT community
> selected seats), the community should be in control and have a majority,
> and the others should be an advisory minority. The community has always
> been in charge of WMF projects, and this should continue to be the case.
> If you want to actually start the healing process, rather than deflect, at
> the very least the first three things need to be done. If you want to
> regain trust, all of them need to be. The community needs to be in charge.
> Todd
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