Thanks Stephen.

A brief question to the Board: the board minutes say, "After discussion,
the Board identified three goals. First, the Board is responsible for
maintaining the long-term plan for the organization. The long-term plan is
designed in partnership with the executive staff, and also needs to be set
in coordination with other Wikimedia stakeholders. The Chair of the Board
and the Executive Director are responsible for leading this goal within the
Board. Second, the Board has a strong interest in improving its internal
governance. The Board discussed some potential areas for improvement,
including ensuring Board continuity. The Chair of the Board Governance
Committee is responsible for improvements to internal governance. Third,
the role of the Board is to support and empower the Executive Director. The
Chair is responsible for this goal, with the support of the Human Resources

After the events in the past year, I question whether the statement "...the
role of the Board is to support and empower the Executive Director"
captures the full scope of the Board's role here. It seems to me that it's
the Board's job to supervise the ED, which hopefully includes supporting
him/her but also may include providing direction or removing him/her. I
personally feel that Katherine is doing well and this is not intended to
express skepticism about her, but being the ED of an organization is not a
blank check, and I hope that the Board also takes a proactive role in the
supervision of the ED. After the events in the past year, I hope that the
Board will be diligent on this point from now on.



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> Hi all,
> The Board of Trustees have published minutes from the summer Board meeting
> on June 22-23 and the Board meeting on June 29 to discuss the endowment.
> You can find the meeting minutes and accompanying documents on the
> Foundation Wiki:
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> Stephen
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