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> Christophe and Dariusz,
> Thanks for the comments.
> I feel that it's important that Board members be able to ask employees at
> any level of the company how things are going. That is different from
> providing direction, which can remain in the management structure. But the
> information flow up from employees to the Board can be insightful. I'm glad
> to hear that C-level exit interviews are happening. Staff surveys are
> another element of upward information flow, and I'm very glad to hear that
> the surveys have shown a positive direction recently. My understanding is
> that there were some intense concerns under previous administration about
> employees talking directly to Board members, to the point where somehow
> that became forbidden. I hope that those days are behind us.
I hope you'll pardon my intensity on these matters. As you know, I was
> alarmed and frustrated with some of the incidents in the past year. It'll
> probably be awhile before I feel at ease with WMF governance. All that
> being said, thank you for your your responsiveness and interest in making
> positive change. I really am grateful for the good that I see happening in
> WMF, and my guess is that many other people are too.
> Pine

Nothing to pardon, those are legitimates questions to ask :)

And it is understandable that it will take time, and until such time comes
we will have to deliver on many levels.

The only thing I can ask for is to assume good faith and engage openly in
those discussions. At the end of the day, we are all in the same boat,
pursuing the same goals.

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