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> On Aug 22, 2016, at 8:13 PM, Gnangarra <> wrote:
> We need to focus on building communities
> To me the first thing that should change is rather than focusing on how to
> bring down chapters we should be focusing on how to further improve and
> promote the affiliate network, its as simple as saying Affcom can provide
> x,y,z to help support the expansion of chapters, it also has a,b,c to
> assist user groups to expand...
> I seam to remeber that the Affcom was originally created so Affiliates
> could help each other grow, not to give individuals a stick to whip others
> into submission.
> I would rather a vague criteria, with groups being able to chose their own
> path and obtain what ever support they need and see growth in affiliates
> than see hundreds of pointless arguments about whether 5 with 100 attendees
> or 6 events with 10 attendees is enough when we know that one person or
> more precisely one volunteer contribute a to great deal of difference.
> Our people or the people are our greatest assets not numbers
> On 23 August 2016 at 05:01, Chris Keating <>
> wrote:
>>> Does the Affiliations Committee have a list of existing chapters which do
>>> not meet the proposed criteria? I think we should at least get a sense
>> for
>>> that, and those chapters should be notified and be put on the path to
>>> meeting standards or losing their status.
>> Hi Ben,
>> The closest is this table for eligibility for the Wikimedia Conference:
>> 2016/Eligibility_Criteria
>> That did not apply the same criteria as AffCom are using, but you can see
>> that there were 2 chapters which appeared to be entirely inactive, and a
>> further 3 that had some kind of activity but were not reporting activity in
>> the terms required by their chapter agreements or grants.
>> In general, I think that it is sensible to have a method of inactive
>> chapters to be de-recognised - just as it is also useful for User Groups
>> working towards chapter status to know what they are meant to be working
>> towards.
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