Le 05/02/2017 à 10:45, Gerard Meijssen a écrit :
Yair you are wrong. When our director spoke up against the ukaze of Mr
Trump about people visiting our office, the only office of the Wikimedia
Foundation, it directly affected our work, our mission. We have WMF
employees that cannot come to the office any longer. We have employees that
cannot visit their family when there are grave family situations.

I also agree with Mike's post. In another hand, I think that Gerard Meijssen's argument is not satisfactory. I mean, if one day a substantial carbon tax, which I personally wish for, would multiply the cost of plane travels by 2 or 4 times (say, not in a day), I hope the WMF would not protest against it (I don't tell about supporting it), even if it would "directly affect our work", or actually the way we use to work now, with much intercontinental flights for a few days of meeting.

Mathias Damour

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