Hello Yaroslav,

Yes, the Foundation's Community Engagement department, who are the most
familiar with Wikimedia communities, reviewed the applications thoroughly.
If you have concerns about a specific person, which obviously can't be
discussed on a public list, I happy to discuss them with you privately.

2017-03-09 23:48 GMT-08:00 Yaroslav Blanter <ymb...@gmail.com>:

> Thanks the coordinators. I do not know everybody on the list, but I
> recognize there names of many excellent people.
> I also see there a name which has rung a bell for me, and the sound of the
> bell was somewhat alarming. I checked and found indeed that the coordinator
> has a sizable block log on the Russian Wikipedia, their home project, for
> actions which include trolling and disruptive editing, and at some point
> had to be placed under a topic ban. The most recent block is one and half
> years ago. Which poses a natural questions whether the candidates were
> actually screened.

Guillaume Paumier
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