Dear Michelle,

As many many other Wikimedians, I am truly grateful for the, in the very
sense of the word, service you have done to the Wikimedia movement over the
past years both as a legal professional and as a community member. I am
saddened to see you go. Together with the rest of the legal team, you
admirably worked day and night to keep Wikimedians and the Wikimedia
projects safe, and were extremely successful in doing so.

Most of all, there has always been a great feeling of mutual trust and deep
understanding of community values that I know you hold highly. We will miss
you and I hope that you will continue to be a part of this movement. Let me
thank you again for these last nine years. All the best for your future
endeavors, Michelle!

Dear Eileen,

Welcome to the Wikimedia movement! You are joining an amazing team that is
part of an energetic organization at an exciting point in its short
history. Wikimedians all over the world are looking forward to working with
you and I am sure you will soon experience the first examples of the
amazing feats this community is capable of.

"Be bold!" – One of the core rules of Wikipedia is not a phrase you would
normally use to welcome a new general counsel, but I know it is just right
for the general counsel of the Wikimedia Foundation. I am sure that you
will soon learn more about what this phrase means to us.



Dr. Lukas Mezger
Mitglied des Präsidiums / member of the Supervisory Board

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