There is the proposal for moving Beta Wikiversity into the Incubator
[1]. According to the Closing project policy [2], the decision about
closing projects is something done by particular members of the
Language committee (while the Board could veto the decision).

However, this is an unusual request with the positive positive outcome
and I would like to hear wider community explicitly again.

My position is -- and unless I get good arguments against I would send
it to the Board -- that Beta Wikiversity should be closed, as it's a
generator of projects lead by lunatics. "Academic freedom" has not
been fruitful and any new request for Wikiversity should pass regular
Incubator rules, inside of the curator environment fully trusted by
the Language committee.

The decision would be to move relevant content to the Incubator and
let Incubator curators decide if any of the Beta Wikiversity admins
should have adminship transferred. Beta Wikiversity would be closed
and after some time (a year or two), it should be deleted.



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