Wow, very impressive report overall! 

I particularly love the videos. 
They are quite informative, the ones with real people are a great introduction 
to what editing entails,
the animated ones are entertaining and inspiring. 
These videos imo deserve to be used on many of our projects, localized or 
subtitled in many languages. 


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Hi all,

We have recently published our Annual Report 2016. If you would like to learn 
more about examples of Wikimedia Deutschland's projects and programmes from 
last year, you might want to read about one or more of the following:

* our new editors campaign,
* our successes with Wikidata,
* our Technical Wishes project,
* our achievements in the political and legal field,
* our work for Open Education & Open Science
* our growth in membership numbers
* our regionalisation efforts
* our work for the international movement

Inspired by the WMF's recent Annual Reports, we have – for the first time – 
created a visually appealing, responsive online version that also works pretty 
well on mobile.

If you rather prefer to print it, please be patient: We will publish the 
oldschool PDF version and link it on the meta [[Reports]] page next week.

Happy reading,

Nicole Ebber
Adviser International Relations
Movement Strategy Track Lead: Organized Groups

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