This annual report, and the numbers in it, are indeed very cool :-)

I just want to add a clarification about the membership numbers, since that
is getting a lot of attention in this thread. Not because these numbers are
incorrect, or bad, but that other Chapters might be feeling upset that they
aren't also achieving such high numbers.

WM-De has, according to this report, 50,000 members in total However, what the other
chapters need to understand - so they don't feel bad by comparison! - is
that the Germany system has two methods of membership. These are [as it
been described to me by a German-speaker, I apologise if I'm missing a
nuance of language]:
- "Aktives Mitglied", the members with voting rights
- "Fördermitglied", the people who become a member when they donate, but
have no voting rights.
The English version of the report uses the terms "active" and "sponsoring".
Other chapters only have this first group.

The German-language Wikipedia article about WMDE itself describes the ratio
between these in April 2015 as 1.921 active : 18.402 sponsoring. https://de.

Another factor is that, unlike WM-De, other Chapters do not have direct
ownership of the fundraising banners and therefore they cannot promote
membership to donors in their country as easily. Finally, Germany also has
a strong cultural tradition of membership-associations which is not
necessarily the case in other countries.

All this is not to criticise WM-De, but to say to other chapters that they
should not feel bad by comparison, because these situations are not
directly comparable.

- Liam / Wittylama
Peace, love & metadata

On 6 June 2017 at 16:16, Chris Keating <> wrote:

> > No, it means 15,000 new (paying) members of the association Wikimedia
> > Deutschland.
> >
> Just to be clear - these are basically donors, not volunteers, right?
> >
> > However, we also try to recruit new authors/editors via banner campaigns
> > and are running several of them throughout the year. If you are
> interested
> > in this, consider joining Verena's session at Wikimania about "On-Wiki
> > Campaigning to Engage New Editors"[1]
> I look forward to hearing about this but won't be at Wikimania -will there
> be anything published about it ? :)
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