Hi WMF folks,
I'm still waiting. The issue of financial transparency isn't going away, and 
the silence here is getting to be a point of concern.
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Hi WMF folks,

I'm still waiting for a reply to this question.


On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 11:14 PM, Pine W <wiki.p...@gmail.com> wrote:
Having had time to reflect further on this matter, I'm having difficulty with 
writing a comprehensive reply in a civil tone.

Rather than try to address multiple topics at once, I'd like to start by 
following up on a single topic. I'm hoping that this
will help to keep the conversation focused and civil.

> Regarding costs, as has been previously stated by the Foundation and Board, 
> the Board approved a spending resolution
> last year for expenses related to the movement strategy of up to $2.5 million 
> over Fiscal Year 2016-17 (July 2016 - June
> 2017) and Fiscal Year 2017-18 (July 2017 - June 2018).

Thanks for providing the project budget number, which is a good place to start. 
How much is the timeline extension projected
to cost, and from what source are the funds being drawn? I imagine that an 
analysis of the cost of the extension was done
before the extension was authorized, and that a funding source was identified. 
I hope that WMF can provide that information
and that only a few minutes of staff time will be necessary to publish it.

I'm hoping that we can address this topic first, and then move on to other 
issues that have come up.



On Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 3:50 PM, Pine W <wiki.p...@gmail.com> wrote:
I have stayed away from this thread for awhile with the hope that I can 
approach it in a businesslike tone. I want to acknowledge those who have posted 
previously. I have drafted a response to the email that Greg sent, and out of 
respect for the holiday for US staff I'll wait until Wednesday to send that 
response. This matter is important, but I don't want WMF staff to feel like 
they need to think about this or respond to it during a holiday weekend. There 
will be time enough for more discussion after the holiday. I'm not trying to 
close off discussion, but I thought that I should explain why I'm planning to 
wait a few days before responding to staff.


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