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Arguably we do not spend enough, we could achieve more.

I would say that it is about spending money differently, not just more.
However, here are some things that one could achieve for a modest $2.5M, as
suggested in a thread on this list in January – considering the enormous
surplus value accruing to the Foundation as a result of the work of the
Community, any or all of these suggestions seem to be to be quite modest
returns to the Community for that work.


1. Fully-paid bursaies to Wikimania 2017 for one person from each of the
250 largest projects;
2. Purchase one reference book or similar for the 30,000 most active
content contributors;
3. Purchase a one-year JSTOR subscription for the 10,000 most active
content contributors;
4. Local travel bursaries to Wikimedia meetups and conferences for 50,000
members of the Community;
5. An office with ten staff paid for a year to resolve the requirements for
improved tools from the Community Tech programme.

One could imagine folding some of these into the endowment at 4% as follows:
1'. Funding for 10 Wikimania bursaries per year for ever;
2'. Funding for 1,000 books per year for ever;
3'. Funding for 400 JSTOR subscriptions per year for ever;
4'. Funding for local travel for 2,000 people per year for ever.
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