Thanks Srishti & DevRel team, that was interesting, and it's great to see
that developer retention gets the organizational focus it deserves.

Some comments on the document:

We currently struggle to keep track of information about new developers
> such as project they worked on, their contact details (e.g., Phabricator,
> Gerrit, and Github username), etc.

FWIW this is a problem with all developers, not just new ones. For example
after I find out who is the best person to ask about something, there isn't
really way to find out their IRC account. (Or vice versa, know who I've
just talked with on IRC.) Phabricator can be linked to and
wikitech but few people do both. And so on. The WMF has its private contact
list, but even that is not always updated, and it's unaccessible to
volunteers. It would be great to have a proper, public contact info
management system somewhere.

Re: surveys, it would be a missed opportunity to only survey new
developers. The limitation in that is that only a small fraction of them
become regulars, and it would be great to understand better what
personality trait or circumstance determines whether a given person stays
or leaves, but the only way to find that out is to survey people whom we
already know remained (or left) about their experiences as new developers.

Re: retention (the raw numbers for which can be found in T160430#3395405),
apparently year-on-year for Q3 2017 is interpreted as "(developers who
started in 2016 Q3 and were still active in 2017 Q3 / all developers who
started in 2016 Q3) / (developers who started in 2015 Q3 and were still
active in 2016 Q3 / all developers who started in 2015 Q3)" which is a
weird definition. YoY should be the difference in retention between two
full years, not between two quarters spaced one year apart.

One thing that jumps out looking at the list of retained developers is how
many of them are experienced Wikipedians (at a glance, something like
two-thirds?). Which I guess is not that surprising, but I wonder to what
extent is it reflected in the outreach strategy?

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> If you have questions and feedback that you would like to share with us,
> please add them on the discussion
> <>
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> We plan to release a report every quarter and take action items identified
> from the key findings for improving our existing methods and processes. The
> next release will be in January 2018.
> If you have any questions, comments, and concerns, we will be more than
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