I thank my colleagues for this valuable discussion.

Here are a few more thoughts from my end:

* While my efforts for the next few months will focus on new contributors,
the issues with administrative backlogs, COI patrolling and investigations,
and a myriad of other issues which "mid-career" or relatively "senior"
Wikimedians are better suited to address are also on my mind. I hope that
if we can increase the retention of new contributors that some of these
people will remain long enough and become skillful enough to take on some
of the administrative work. I plan to research the effectiveness of my work
with new editors, including measures of the longevity and productivity of
people who use the resources that I develop, and my guess is that Mark
Miller will do the same, so there will likely be reports about the effects
of our (or at least my) work during 2018-2019 that will focus on new
Wikimedians but also look at long-term measures of success.

* WMF is planning to study what it calls "movement organizers" during its
2018-2019 Annual Plan, as a part of its Audiences work
The WMF AP currently says, "The goal of this study is to develop a shared
understanding of and investment in the needs of movement organizers at the
Wikimedia Foundation and in the Wikimedia movement, to ensure that this
strategic audience gets the support it needs to grow the Wikimedia
community. The milestone for this project will be a public report on the
research findings, including movement organizers personas to inform future
work in community outreach and software development. The report will offer
recommendations for further work to help movement organizers to succeed."

* Regarding fundraising for non-WMF financial support of Wikimedians, I
hope to meet with Micru about this subject in July. I imagine that we will
share further updates when we have finished setting up the logistics. From
my perspective, this meeting doesn't need to be confidential, so anyone who
is civil would be welcome to participate. This is a long term project, and
I suggest that we have very moderate expectations for the foreseeable


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