I agree with you completely. People who are reading Wikipedia should know
that Wikipedia is written by volunteers and that they can edit. Calling
someone a "reader" doesn't, to me, mean that editing is hidden from them..
it means that we're making sure we're meeting their needs as readers in
this moment. But they should still have the option and understanding of

Offline is harder because, for now, in most cases there isn't editing.
James mentioned what they have in offline medical. I'm not sure what the
treatments are in all the other contexts, but it's something I'll keep an
eye on for future projects.


On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 5:03 AM, Leinonen Teemu <teemu.leino...@aalto.fi>

> Hi Anne,
> On 23 Jul 2018, at 19.24, Anne Gomez <ago...@wikimedia.org<mailto:a
> go...@wikimedia.org>> wrote:
> Personally, I see the New Readers efforts as a step in that direction, and
> not the end goal. We're working on bringing more people to understanding
> Wikipedia/Wikimedia with the hope that they'll contribute down the line...
> but, in my opinion, we can't expect people to contribute if they don't
> visit our sites or understand the values and structures we have built to
> support building knowledge.
> Fair enough. I am just afraid that people who are from the beginning
> invited to be a “reader”, called “readers”, not having “edit” -button, not
> getting the full Wikipedia -experience, will not get the “values and
> structure”, either. For them Wikipedia will be a free encyclopedia, not the
> free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
> I think the message for the people using the offline Wikipedia should be
> something like that we are really, really sorry that at this point of time
> we can only provide you access to read the content, but we are working hard
> to make it possible that your knowledge, in your own languages will be part
> of the "sum of all knowledge”. :-)
> Best regards,
> - Teemu
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