Good idea, I will watch for good hints.

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Hi all,

A few days ago we organised an edit-a-thon in what we had participants
write about important women.

With most edit-a-thon we start with a group of people that know Wikipedia,
but are fully new to editing on Wikipedia. We usually start with an
introduction, which includes telling about:

   - Do not copy paste from other sources, but write in your own words.
   - For all facts sources need to be added.
   - Link keywords to other articles in Wikipedia.

and some more things...

The participants usually do their best, but usually also forget something.
Like for example that a participant forgot to add a source for a sentence.

In our recent edit-a-thon we tried something new: besides the presentation
given and the handout of some instructions, we also created a checklist for
the participants to use at the end of their writing so they did not forget

That gave us better results than what we have got with similar groups in
the past.

This leads me to my question: when you organised an edit-a-thon, what kind
of cheatsheets, tricks, ... do you use so that the articles of participants
have a higher quality?
(Or that they are more inspired/enthusiastic, more aware, ..., etc)

Good examples?

If we can share those, we all can learn from good ideas and examples!


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