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> I feel I can give a relatively neutral comment on the part quoted below.

Dear Farhad,

Thanks so much for sharing your observations re:
https://ru.wikinews.org/ . I'm glad to hear that the project is
publishing on a diverse range of topics, and that it includes original
reporting. It's also really good to learn that it's a place where
smaller language can publish stories before they're formally approved.

What really sets Russian Wikinews apart from the other Wikinews
language editions is that it's consistently been publishing stories
pretty much every day for quite some time now. I'd still love to know
if there's anything in particular that has made this possible, but
perhaps it's just "the right people at the right time", as is often
the case with smaller online communities. I very much hope that the
project will be able to keep it up.

In contrast, compare, for example, the month of April in the English
Wikinews edition:




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