This week the creation of racial categories like "Nordic race A" was
discussed on Commons. On digging further there is a fundamental problem
with the way modern portraits of living people are being misused to
"illustrate" these 1930s race myths. Rather than using available real
archive material from the 1930s, a user created collage of modern portraits
being used to illustrate these pseudo-scientific racial classes on Wikidata
as well as Wikipedia in German, Hebrew, Italian, Ukrainian, and the Tamil

It is certain that if portraits of WMF board members were misused and
labelled "Nordic race" or "Negroid race", then WMF legal would be swept
into action in line with the terms of the website. However, as the modern
portrait photographs illustrating offensive 1930s racist terminology are
not us personally, apparently, we can wikilawyer this to one side rather
than taking action.

The rationale on Wikimedia Commons will default to the faux anti-censorship
trope of "if there is one Wikipedia that uses it, we cannot delete it" even
though the use of modern photographs to illustrate racist theories of
Nordicism or Nazism are clearly anti-educational and so out of scope.
Consequently, this appears to need a cross-project consensus to not use our
Wikimedia websites to promote race hate or white supremacy, possibly with
the authority of WMF Legal to take action behind it.

Feedback and pragmatic suggestions on how to move this forward would be

1. Commons VP discussion,_but_not_promoting,_%22racial_theories%22_used_in_Nordicism_and_Nazism
2. Wikidata discussion
5. (where an
attempt to remove the problematic image has been reverted)
request for the modern collage of portraits used to promote 1930s racist

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