Regardless of what platforms people might want to use for virtual meetings,
it is my personal opinion that all movement organizations, groups (formal
and informal) and the WMF itself immediately stop meeting in person. For
the movement entities that have offices, work-from-home should be the
standard (as it has been for the WMF for almost a week).  Edit-a-thons and
similar meet-ups should be cancelled for the foreseeable future.  The broad
movement has spent a lot of time talking about the safety and security of
its communities, and this level of social distancing at this time is
probably the best way to demonstrate that we really mean what we say.
#CancelEverything is not just a cute hashtag - it's really serious, and our
movement can be leaders in showing how it is done.

I'm speaking from my own experience (having worked in a hospital with SARS
patients and having participated in the development of pandemic plans for
hospitals), so perhaps my perspective is different from other people's. But
given there's very little downside to this proposal, there's no reason not
to take these steps, at least for a few months while the world has a better
sense of how this will all play out.

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