Greetings Program Leaders and Evaluators!

Important updates from the PE&D team:

== New blogpost on Community Dialogue ==

Read about the metrics discussion

We want to reach out to program leaders and evaluators in the movement and
engage them in dialogue about metrics.  In our new entry in Wikimedia blog,
we expand on the reasons that inspired the discussion around metrics and
evaluation. Read and share the blog post: Defining Impact Together [1].

Join the conversation

We want to know if our team's building capacity is working for wikimedia
program leaders all over the world. What resources are useful? What do you
think is still weak? Do you need more help with some other aspect of
program evaluation? Tell us! Join the conversation here:

== WikiConference USA ==

WikiConference USA [2] was held in New York City last week and attracted
wikimedia volunteers, program leaders and professionals from aroung the
United States who work on open education and culture inside and outside the
movement. Grantmaking team members hosted sessions on evaluation, metrics,
and IdeaLab. Check out the presentations Growing The Awesome In Your
Programs [3] and Wikimetrics Overview [4] and the Wikimetrics Training
Module [5] and visit the idea lab to see the new ideas generated [6] at the
event!  Conference video documentation should be available soon, for now
you can find many presentation slides on commons [7].

== Virtual Meet-up next week ==

Let’s talk about surveys: Join the next virtual meet-up on June 12 from 4-5
p.m. UTC

Tuesday, June 12 you can find us on a virtual meetup to review survey tools
and resources. This will be an occasion for program leaders to share
experiences in piloting survey strategies. The program evaluation and
design team will be joined by Daria Cybulska (WMUK) and James Hare (WMDC),
who will share their experiences piloting online surveys for program
evaluation. Join the event [8]!

Would you like to present an evaluation strategy or results of programs you
are implementing?  To offer suggestions or to present your project at a
future virtual meet-up, message us directly at

As always, stay up-to-date by watching the news page [9] on our portal or
reach out to us in the parlor [10].

On behalf of the Program Evaluation and Design team, thank you for your
time and attention.


María Cruz

Community Coordinator, PE&D

Wikimedia Foundation


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[2] WikiConference USA page on Meta:

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[5] Wikimetrics Training Module:

[6] IdeaLab projects that seek participants:

[7] WikiConference USA 2014 in Commons:

[8] June 12 virtual meet up:

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[10] Program Evaluation & Design Parlor:
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