At this time, no.  O'Reilly has not repeated their offer of free space  
(valued at a couple thousand bucks) and we're pretty overbooked in  
terms of other big communications work.

That being said... the 'call for makers' is still wide open, and I'm  
sure that local volunteers (with some tangential level of support from  
WMF) could at least get a small space and with a more DIY sort of  
resource situation, be in the space again.

We certainly know the people who organize it, so maybe we could try to  
make that connection. Wild horses couldn't keep me away from the  
event, I know that much.

Jay Walsh
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On Mar 18, 2009, at 9:14 AM, phoebe ayers wrote:

> Maker Faire is on again for May 30-31 in San Mateo. Is there any
> chance Wikimedia will have a booth again? Or was that a one-time event
> for us?
> -- Phoebe
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