Jon, that's awesome!  -- Cary

Just as an update.  I heard from Jack of wikiHow that they've also been
accepted to Maker Faire.  Hopefully we can work together with them and share
resources where applicable.


On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 20:52, Jon Davis <> wrote:

Well the proposal actually turned out to be very simple. If you are curious
you can read exactly what they wanted on the wiki:
ker_Faire&oldid=278433661> &oldid=278433661

The only real item that needed answering was the Exhibit Description, here's
what I wrote:
This year, the Wikimedia Foundation is showing off all of our projects, and
attempting to highlight as many of their features as possible.  Everyone has
heard of Wikipedia, the world's largest free encyclopedia, but did you know
that anyone can edit it?  In fact, we encourage everyone to give editing a
try!  Our volunteers will be there to help you along as you make your edits,
should you wish to try it out.  Additionally, we'll be showing off such
projects as: Wikimedia Commons - a repository of over 4 million completely
free images; Wikinews - the free news source you can write; Wikibooks - a
free library of educational textbooks; and Wikiversity - the project
dedicated to learning resources at every level of education.  Never heard of
some of these?  All the more reason to come visit and learn more!

I think the important things to do currently are as follows:
#1 - Get the word out for more volunteers (Scheduling can be figured out
later).  I think the absolute minimum for any given time is 2 people.  Last
year I remember there being in excess of 4 people out "front" and more in
back on the computers, at some points.
#2 - Figure out how we want to show off and who's got the goods.  Obviously
we're going to have computers, Brion's noted on the wiki that he's got ~4
spare machines (which is probably enough).  On the wiki the showing off of
Recent Changes was suggested, what format should that be in?  We might not
have the space/ability to do a projector.  LED Signs are also suggested
(Which I think is cool) but who's got the signs and how are they going to be
powered (I mean what computer is it going to be plugged into, and how is it
going to get the data it needs)?  
#3 - Handouts.  Business Cards? Moo Cards? Flyers?  What do we actually want
to have on them.  Last year we gave out the book samplers, which I thought
was an extremely easy way to talk people into the idea editing.  The entire
"Do you use Wikipedia? Yes, well have you ever edited? No, well here's a
book that will help you get started" spiel.     Handouts/Flyers are
extremely cheap and to put out.  Maybe we should have a few.  One on how to
edit, one on other wikimedia projects, or even one per project for some of
the more popular projects.  

We (the wikicomunity) are really good at getting things done when we need
to, we just tend not to think about what we should do until too late.  See
also: the donation jar last year.


On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 14:48, George Herbert <>

Ok, so spill the beans... what's going to be done, what was in the proposal,
what do you need help with?  8-)

-george william herbert

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