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> I'd love to hear how this event was, if anyone was able to make it.

I had a great time -- the highlight was meeting Karen Sue Rolph, who
just left Stanford Management Company as their Special Projects
Director, and is looking to support the open source community.  She
knows more than half a dozen languages, is an anthropologist (but has
Ph.D.s in multiple subjects) and so I think she would be ideal for
California Chapter Principal Investigator.

The PLATO exhibit was excellent, but there are strong parallels with
today: the educational aspects were overshadowed by the entertainment
aspects.  I was able to talk to Paul Tenczar about TUTOR/CONCEPT
answer judging, and I added pattern matching for fill-in-the-blank
answers to the to-do list for GIFT:
http://microformats.org/wiki/gift#Notes_for_further_work -- I should
also take this opportunity to mention that Yaron Koren, a
Wikimedia/Google Summer of Code Mentor, has offered to do the GIFT
enhancement to the Mediawiki Quiz module for only $2,500 -- less than
half of what it would have cost Google -- and have it ready in a
month, with unit tests.  This would allow us to start offering the
assessments from more than 5,000 hours of coursework from the UK Open
University on Wikiversity.

I also got a chance to talk about acquiring a Hayes telegraph (ticker
tape) transmitter with the museum board of trustees chair and the
founding curator.  They are planning a telegraphy installation from
1959 through the transatlantic cable, so I am glad I was able to point
them to the first digital electronic alphanumeric communications

Phoebe, at http://www.phoebeayers.info/phlog/?p=1617#comments you said
that you didn't think the California community was ready for a
chapter, and that you don't see a strong connection between the ideas
on  http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wikimedia_California and what
a chapter can do.  Would you please elaborate?  There are some things
that I've included in the initial draft Chapter grant request but
aren't listed there. For example, a Chapter could establish a mirror
of foundation servers -- which would be necessary to experiment with
peer-to-peer wiki technology (third-party edit conflict resolution),
and/or make Wikinews an independent, funded entity.  Do you think
either or both of those are worthy goals?

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