First: *Save the dates for Maker Faire Bay Area: May 19 & 20 2012*

Ok, now that's out of the way... Phoebe and I have been nominally in charge
of the WMF booth for the last few years.  Not that we both don't LOVE Maker
Faire and love every second we are there... but it's exhausting... and we
need some time off.  So before we get too close to Maker Faire, Phoebe and
I are officially handing off the reigns to "The List" (IE You guys and
gals).  *We'd love for someone to speak up and take charge of the Maker
Faire booth organization this year. * We're happy to help out (as normal
people), but someone else needs to take the lead.

If you're interested in Maker Faire (or trying to figure out what the heck
I'm talking about) please see:


So far as I can tell, Maker registration is not open yet. So we've still
got time to make plans and make them good!

Also, for your planning enjoyment:

-Jon (And Phoebe, who cannot be blamed for my terrible writing)

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