Hey MediaWiki SF Group and WikiBUG folks! We ought to meet up sometime in the 
next month (unless there's a reason not to). I've been throwing around some 
ideas, both technical and philosophical, around wikae, and I'd like to talk 
about it and hear responses by voices not in my head.

I am thinking we could make it relaxed, so maybe we meetup, do quick round of 
intros with ideas we want to talk about, and then socialize. We did this at the 
last SF meetup I attended, and I liked it.

Quim, can we use the WMF office? If not, I can probably host at Impact HUB 
Oakland (near 19th St. BART). I'd be interested in doing this more often than 
once a year, so let's discuss times and locations that make it easy for folks 
to attend. ^_^


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