Hi everybody!

People are organising Wikipedia Takes [Place] around America this September to 
encourage people to take photographs for Wiki Loves Monuments 
(http://wikilovesmonuments.us/). Last year [1], we followed around a bunch of 
photographers and took pictures of buildings on the University of Colorado 
campus here in Boulder. Does anybody have ideas on what we could do this year? 

I'd love an editathon to improve the article on the University of Colorado and 
noteworthy buildings, people and organisations on campus or associated with 
them, which we might be able to organise with Norlin Library. On the other 
hand, it'd be great to have an excuse to enjoy the cooler temperatures we'll 
hopefully have up here as summer turns into fall!

You can find out more about Wiki Takes America here, if you're interested in 
organising meet ups elsewhere in Colorado: 


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Takes_America/Boulder/2012
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