The 28th should work well for me, as far as I know at the moment. I'm
trying to find a job and so things could suddenly change, but I will do my
best to keep that time open. Of course, traveling together in a car has its
benefits. However, I can also make it to Denver by bus and then we could
meet at Union Station or something like that.

On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 9:16 PM, Todd Allen <> wrote:

> I would prefer the 28th as well, since I'll be taking a friend to the
> airport on the 21st. Any trouble with this?
>  On Sep 18, 2013 7:07 PM, "Gaurav Vaidya" <> wrote:
>> Hi everybody!
>> On 4 Sep, 2013, at 11:11 PM, Todd Allen <> wrote:
>> > So, if we can all bring along a camera.
>> (Or not -- we had a surprisingly fun Wiki Takes Boulder last year with
>> one camera between three people!)
>> > It depends where we want to go. If we'd like to go by car, I'd have
>> probably 3 seats available, long as someone doesn't mind the middle in the
>> back. If by train to downtown, however many would like to go. We can meet
>> up at my car from there if need be, at Mineral.
>> I'm not sure where Mineral is, but thanks for the offer!
>> > I would like to stop downtown to get some photos of Biker Jim's, as I'm
>> currently working on that article. We can do that in either case, and I can
>> bring my camera to work if it's really opposed, but I'd really rather
>> prefer it to be on the same day. And they really do have some good food. :)
>> I'd prefer not to go downtown by car, since I can get there for free on the
>> train, and would rather do that than pay for parking. But I'd be happy to
>> drive to some farther out areas after that's done.
>> >
>> > So, anyone opposed to meeting downtown for lunch/photos prior to lunch,
>> and hitting the Botanic Gardens or other locations from there?
>> I like this plan, and have set up the first part of the paperwork:
>> I've proposed September 28 as the day of photography, since I'm leaving
>> Boulder for a week from Sunday, September 29. Once we know how many people
>> are interested, and have a time and a date finalised (hopefully by this
>> weekend), we'll have all of next week to run geonotices (
>> > On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 10:10 PM, Spencer Williams IV <
>>> wrote:
>> > Hey there, good folks. I'm totally up for Wikipedia Loves Monuments or
>> Takes America, or whatever it might be this month. However, I should warn
>> you, I'm totally, like, dirt poor. And so I couldn't provide transportation
>> or anything like that. Ideally, I hope Gaurav might convince his roommate
>> to go so I could jump into their car or something. I do have an iPhone
>> though, and the Wikimedia app. So I'm set in that department.
>> Sorry, Spencer -- I think my friend (not roommate!) might be out of town
>> then. Would a bus trip to Denver be too expensive for you?
>> > Any of the places Todd Allen suggested sound great. I don't have a
>> particular preference, but the Children's Museum might be interesting. The
>> Botanical Gardens would be nice too. I don't think I've been there yet. But
>> really anywhere on that list sounds great.
>> There's space on the event page to start throwing up ideas. Being on 16th
>> Street means that we can go anywhere from Union Station to the Capitol for
>> free. There must be something interesting within walking distance of that,
>> right?
>> > So if any of y'all are planning to go, please let me know. Also, I was
>> very interested in helping out with Wikipedia Loves Libraries next month.
>> Was there anyone else here who wanted to get together to make something
>> happen in that regard? I think I may be able to ask someone at BPL to get a
>> room reserved. I don't really have a solid game plan laid out, but I
>> definitely wanted to do something like talk about basic Wikipedia editing,
>> and then more advanced stuff like Templates, transclusion vs. substition,
>> customizing your theme, custom CSS and stuff like that. Nothing too heavy,
>> though, as I suspect there will mainly be people new to the project. But
>> just to give people a sense of how to go about contributing a variety of
>> content.
>> Let me know how this goes! I'm trying to think of something we could do
>> at either the CU Libraries or the CU Museum, but it's going to take a lot
>> more organising than I'll have time for this semester.
>> cheers,
>> Gaurav
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